Ephedrine State Restrictions

The sale of ephedrine is legal to sell and buy though it has illegal state restrictions for the shipment of ephedrine.  The states colored in blue are legal to buy ephedrine.  The states colored in … [Read More...]


Legal Ephedrine HCL

EPHEd is the legal form of ephedrine hcl in 12.5mg and 25mg dosages. To buy EPHED you must provide the retailer with a copy of your drivers license and a sign form which will be kept on file. This is for first time buyers only.

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Temporary Relief for Bronchial Asthma

EPHED Ephedrine is used as a bronchial dilator for temporary relief of asthma and asthma like symptoms. Ephedrine works great for those suffering from shortness of breath or wheezing. Also works to break up mucus that can blocking a person’s airways for great ease in breathing. EPHED Ephedrine has been sold in the past as Vasopro, Bronch-Eze, and Rapid Action though is now marketed and sold entirely for bronchial asthma relief as EPHED.

It is legal to buy 12 boxes of 12.5mg EPHED per order and 6 boxes of the 25mg per order. Also, the limit per 30 days is 24 boxes of the 12.5mg and 12 boxes of the 25mg.

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